NEW – A delicious On the Go CRAFTED® range, lower in sugar and calories, and eco-friendly

We are delighted to present an exciting new range of on-the-go drinks, an addition to our CRAFTED® portfolio of naturally delicious fruit juice drinks.

This week we are launching our new smaller 330ml pack, perfect for on-the-go refreshment at lunch time or anytime of day. As with all CRAFTED® products, they are a blend of fruit with water. This means that each serving is at least 20% lower in both sugar and calories than the juice on its own whilst still providing 1 of your 5 a day.

The new range is made up of 3 delicious blends: Mango & Passion Fruit, Blueberry & Blackberry, and Still Cloudy Lemonade.

With this range we have not only looked at the blends and individual design of the packs but also environmental impact. This is why the range has been packed in a convenient 330ml with a screw-cap rather than a PET bottle.

With its bold and vibrant colours, this new offer is guaranteed to stand out as something fresh and authentic on the shelf, offering convenience, healthier drinks, with absolutely no compromise on taste!

CRAFTED® at Taste of London 2018

It's that time of year once again and we are at Taste of London 2018 for the rest of the week. We are really excited to be here this year with our delicious blends, presented in a brand new 330ml pack.

3 Simple Ingredients For The Ultimate Picnic

With over 90 million picnics happening across the UK every year the pressure is on to create an alfresco menu with a difference. So if you’re tired of scotch eggs and soggy sandwiches, why not try a posh picnic instead? To really add some style to your outdoor party, don't forget to bring some seriously refreshing CRAFTED drinks. 

The good news is, upgrading your outdoor dining needn’t break your budget. With just a few simple switches and some easy recipes, you can treat family, friends and loved ones to a posh picnic easily. Here are some of the ways you can posh up a picnic without splashing the cash.

1. Glam up your camp kitchen

Don’t be too quick to rule out a posh picnic when enjoying the great outdoors. Adding a collapsible table and chairs - or even draping a beautiful tablecloth over your existing table will glam everything up a notch or two. Don’t forget to dress your table to impress. Switch plastic plates and cutlery for ceramics and silver and your picnic is instantly elevated to a swish alfresco event. Extra touches such as cushions on the chairs or cloth napkins add even more style to the occasion.

2. Gorgeous glassware

Show off your sparkling beverages, fresh fruit juices and craft drinks in your best glassware. As much as you might be afraid to take your best crystal into the great outdoors, your taste buds will thank you for it. Scientists have confirmed that drinking from a heavy glass is more enjoyable - even if the feeling is only psychological. Not only will everyone enjoy their drinks more but your picnic will be eco-friendly, cheaper and look gorgeous.

3. Fresh finger foods

If you’ve got the time, preparing ahead and making some homemade treats is the icing on the cake for your posh picnic. Think colourful salads made with couscous or quinoa, succulent olives, crudités and smoked salmon. For a retro picnic with a quintessentially British feel why not whip up a batch of sweet onion sausage rolls. Mixing some classic favourites in with some upscale treats are just the thing to keep guests of all ages well fed - and suitably impressed!

Originally, picnics began as social events where all guests brought a dish, so don’t be afraid to ask for a contribution from friends if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Polish the silverware, install a trusty weather app and plan your posh picnic today. With these simple tips and a menu of mouth watering food, all that is left to choose is the location.

Written by Lucy Chisholm

Blueberry & Blackberry now in Sainsbury’s

We are very excited to announce that our new Blueberry & Blackberry juice drink is now available in Sainsbury's. The new blend arrives right on time for the summer season.

It is a delicious blend of fruit and water, with absolutely no added sugar or sweeteners. Every serving also represents 1 of your 5 a day whilst being lower in sugar and calories than 100% juice.

It will be the perfect treat for those looking for something new and a bit more interesting. And as with all our Crafted drinks, this blend is also suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

We hope you'll try it!

NEW – Blueberry & Blackberry – Fragrant, zesty, fresh

We are excited to present a new addition to our Crafted range of delicious juice drinks! The new Blueberry & Blackberry blend is packed full of flavour but contains no added sugar or sweeteners. It is a fragrant, zesty and refreshing drink which is sure to be a hit over the summer months and all year round.

As for the pack, we’ve carefully selected exactly the right colour to reflect the name of the product and the gorgeous fruits that go into the drink. This colour is also the exact same vibrant purple that has been officially selected the colour of the year 2018.

Look out for this new drink in store very soon!

Crafted® Mulled St Clements

Serves 4


1L Crafted® Still & Cloudy Lemonade

Peel of 2 oranges

2 tbsp. sugar

2 tsp. ground ginger

2 tsp. ground cardamom

2 tsp. whole black peppercorns

10 cloves

10 star anise


Place all your ingredients in a thick bottomed pan and bring to a low boil. Simmer everything for 20 minutes.

To serve strain into a heatproof glass; garnish with an orange wedge and star anise.


Recipes created by Steven Croall, Bartender at The Lioness of Leith

Crafted launches in Tesco

Our Crafted juice drinks range is now available in Tesco. The range includes 4 great blends: Mango & Passion Fruit, Pineapple Coconut & Lime, Apple Mint & Lime, and Still Cloudy Lemonade. You will find the drinks in the ambient aisle.


Just because you are going Sober for October doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice drink. This month we are looking at ways to enjoy a drink without the alcohol. We are also looking at clever ideas of how to pair our drinks with food. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @CraftedDrinks.


At Crafted we focus on offering the best tasting products we possibly can. We try different combinations and blend until we get the balance just right. So we are always delighted to receive feedback on the taste of our juice drinks. We were very happy to see that our Apple, Mint and Lime received a 5 star rating from Best Magazine. Thank you.


Crafted drinks have been featured in September’s Health and Wellness (Your Fitness) Magazine. We focus on delivering great tasting products. But at the same time, our drinks are a great way to consume more fruit. They are high in fruit content but we never ever add sugar or sweeteners. This makes Crafted the ideal choice for those looking for a refreshing drink which is also deliciously healthier.


It has been a busy and exciting summer for Crafted. Following our first launch in Sainsbury’s, our new juice drinks are now available in Waitrose and Asda as well. They can be found in the ambient juice aisle. Crafted drinks offer high quality and unique fruity blends with no added sugar or sweeteners. They are also a great way to enjoy 1 of your 5 a day!


Crafted® by Cracker Drinks Co is a new brand of fruit juice drinks: Made in small batches in the UK, its distinctive flavours are created using unique fruit juice blends to craft a delicious range of drinks; a refreshing way to get your essential five a day without added sugar or sweeteners. Flavours include Mango & Passion fruit; Pineapple, Coconut & Lime; Apple, Mint & Lime and Still Cloudy Lemonade.