Crafted® Launches its New Drinks in Sainsbury’s

Crafted® has now been launched in Sainsbury’s this June. The products will be available in all large stores throughout the UK. This is an exciting time for Crafted® and the whole Cracker Drinks team who has created the new brand and range. A lot of work has gone into getting each flavour blend just right, offering amazing taste along with the added benefits of 1 of your 5 a day. And as with all Crafted® products, no added sugars or sweeteners are ever used in any of the drinks.

Crafted® - at Taste of London 2017

We were proud to introduce our new Crafted® brand and products at this year’s summer Taste of London event. The sun was shining and this was a wonderful opportunity to serve some delicious and refreshing fruit juice drinks. The drinks proved to be very popular especially our Apple, Mint & Lime and our Mango & Passion Fruit blends.

Introducing Crafted® – Unique Juice Blends

Crafted® by Cracker Drinks Co is a new brand of fruit juice drinks: Made in small batches in the UK, its distinctive flavours are created using unique fruit juice blends to craft a delicious range of drinks; a refreshing way to get your essential five a day without added sugar or sweeteners. Flavours include Mango & Passion fruit; Pineapple, Coconut & Lime; Apple, Mint & Lime and Still Cloudy Lemonade.