Crafted, the perfect alternative to alcoholic beverages

Just because you are going Sober for October doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice drink. This month we are looking at ways to enjoy a drink without the alcohol. We are also looking at clever ideas of how to pair our drinks with food. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @CraftedDrinks.

5 star rating for taste

At Crafted we focus on offering the best tasting products we possibly can. We try different combinations and blend until we get the balance just right. So we are always delighted to receive feedback on the taste of our juice drinks. We were very happy to see that our Apple, Mint and Lime received a 5 star rating from Best Magazine. Thank you.

Great taste and 1 of your 5 a day

Crafted drinks have been featured in September’s Health and Wellness (Your Fitness) Magazine. We focus on delivering great tasting products. But at the same time, our drinks are a great way to consume more fruit. They are high in fruit content but we never ever add sugar or sweeteners. This makes Crafted the ideal choice for those looking for a refreshing drink which is also deliciously healthier.

Crafted now in Waitrose and Asda

It has been a busy and exciting summer for Crafted. Following our first launch in Sainsbury’s, our new juice drinks are now available in Waitrose and Asda as well. They can be found in the ambient juice aisle. Crafted drinks offer high quality and unique fruity blends with no added sugar or sweeteners. They are also a great way to enjoy 1 of your 5 a day!

Introducing Crafted® – Unique Juice Blends

Crafted® by Cracker Drinks Co is a new brand of fruit juice drinks: Made in small batches in the UK, its distinctive flavours are created using unique fruit juice blends to craft a delicious range of drinks; a refreshing way to get your essential five a day without added sugar or sweeteners. Flavours include Mango & Passion fruit; Pineapple, Coconut & Lime; Apple, Mint & Lime and Still Cloudy Lemonade.